How Do Plaque and Tartar Form, and What Do They Do?

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How Do Plaque and Tartar Form, and What Do They Do?

Plaque is a gummy substance that forms on the teeth within a few hours after a meal. Within 24 hours, plaque begins to harden by combining with salts that are present in the saliva. As the plaque continues to accumulate and mineralize, it eventually transforms into tartar. Tartar, also called calculus, is rough and porous and can develop above and below the gum … Read More

What Happens During A Professional Dental Cleaning Visit For My Pet?

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A dental examination to confirm that a dental cleaning is needed is the first step. Your veterinarian will review with you what procedures are likely required prior to the dental cleaning. Your veterinarian may perform preanesthetic blood tests to ensure that kidney and liver function are satisfactory for anesthesia, as well as an evaluation of the heart and abdomen if … Read More

Your Pet’s Teeth – Strong, but fragile

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Here are some dangerous treats and toys for your pet’s teeth and some ideas on the ones that are easy on teeth. Toys and treats that are harmful on teeth: Tennis Balls Tennis ball toys are harmful for teeth because their abrasive surfaces wear teeth down like sandpaper. Dogs who play with tennis balls have flattened smooth tops on their … Read More

Stem Cell Therapy

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Safe, healthy alternative to accelerate wound healing, natural anti-inflammatory, treat muscle and tendon issues, ease osteoarthritis. What are Stem Cells? Stem cells simply explained are your own animal’s repair cells. They are found in high numbers in fat tissue and they have the ability to transform into any number of cells in the body when activated such as bone, cartilage, … Read More

Treats for Tricks Contest

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With the summer now in full swing, we’re betting that just like you, your pet is anxious to get outside and enjoy the warm, sunny weather. This time of year is the perfect time for you and your animal companion to run, walk, swim, play and even learn some new tricks, which is why the friendly folks here at Alouette … Read More

What Is Kennel Cough?

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Is Kennel Cough Contagious? In recent weeks we have seen an increase in incidents of dogs coughing. This is due to an outbreak of infectious canine cough, or infectious canine tracheobronchitis. This is a highly contagious upper respiratory infection in dogs and can spread much the same way the human cold or flu spreads. It is important to remember that … Read More

Alouette Animal Hospital Easter Photo Contest

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As many of our patients already know, we regularly hold a number of fun contests with great prize giveaways for our patients at Alouette Animal Hospital. That’s why this Easter, we thought we would hold a contest to introduce our online shopping. The Prize? A $50 Gift Card to our online store! Entering this year’s Cutest Pet Contest is easy. All you need … Read More

Power Outage Dec 7th 2015

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We are experiencing intermittent power outages. We appreciate your patience while BC Hydro works to repair the problems. During this time we are still open during regular business hours, however, telephone and email service may be affected. Thank you very much.

Find the Right Veterinarian

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How Do You Find The Right Veterinarian? Finding a veterinary hospital in your area with a health care team that’s right for you is an important task and it is best to do this work in advance before an emergency strikes. It is stressful enough dealing with an ailing pet so you don’t want to be calling around at the … Read More

Pet Vaccinations

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Pets count on people to make best health decisions There has been a lot of information in the media lately about vaccinations for children and why some parents opt to delay vaccinations or choose not to vaccinate altogether. This debate also occurs within the pet owner community, albeit for different reasons. The one truism for both, however, is that like … Read More