Treats for Tricks Contest

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With the summer now in full swing, we’re betting that just like you, your pet is anxious to get outside and enjoy the warm, sunny weather. This time of year is the perfect time for you and your animal companion to run, walk, swim, play and even learn some new tricks, which is why the friendly folks here at Alouette Animal Hospital thought it would be a great time to hold our Treats for Tricks Contest! This summer, not only will you be able to enjoy being active with your pets, but you will also have the chance to win some great prizes from Royal Canin, just for showing off how talented and obedient your furry friend is!

Everyone likes treats including our furry best friends. Unfortunately, treats for animals are not always formulated for their optimal health. They smell and taste good but can be high in fat and have little to no nutritional value. Sometimes our pets will prefer the treats over their regular balanced diets and will avoid their food bowl in the hopes of getting more treats instead. Too many treats can lead to medical issues caused by weight gain, and varying from prescribed diets can lead to gastro-intestinal upset and urinary blockage. Royal Canin has developed a line of treats that complement their veterinary prescription diets. These treats contain all of the nutrients that you have come to depend on in their diets so you can feel good about giving treats. Now, if only they could do something about ice cream!

Teaching your pet some new tricks, or perfecting some old favourites is a great way to build your relationship, while keeping active and entertained. Whether you choose to work on a new trick or show off the skills your pet already possesses is completely up to you. All you need to do to enter the Treats for Tricks Contest is post a photo or short video of your pet doing a trick for a treat on Alouette Animal Hospital’s Facebook page. Don’t forget to tag yourself in the post, so all of your friends can see it on our page. This is important because we will eventually be putting all of the posts into an album where people can vote on their favourites by liking the post. The voting period will be between July 1st and 8th. The pics post with the most likes at the end of the voting period (One for our cat friends and one for our dog friends) will be crowned the winner, so get started on practicing those tricks soon because that deadline will be here before you can say ‘fetch’!

Remember to also reward your pet for performing their trick, and include that in your Facebook post as well, since this is a treats for tricks contest! To learn more about prizes and other fun contests and promotions coming this summer from Alouette Animal Hospital, be sure to continue to check out our website. You can also contact us though our website or by phone to set up an appointment for your pet, and learn why we have been voted the best veterinary hospital in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows for the past 17 years by the readers of the Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times!

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